Premiere: Auren – Islandijos Gatve


Lithuanian imprint Electric Shapes welcome a new name to the label.

‘How ideal it would be to live inside your imagination’, he thought to himself. He’d always found escape inside his own head, he’d dream up strange worlds and unrealistic situations that stimulated him far more than reality and daily life ever could. Perhaps he’d be better off there, creating his own perfect world full of the things that brought him joy and happiness and ridding it of the things that brought him down.


Electric Shapes continue their busy schedule with an EP from Auren, a new addition to their ever-growing roster. Aptly named Electrically Shaped, the release is made up of four tracks that could soundtrack dark nights at the club or huge grandiose spaces. Its cinematic and atmospheric, matching rumbling bass lines and breakbeat rhythms with chopped and screwed vocal samples.