Premiere: Korzi – Cranium

BONE001 (1500X1500)

The Manchester-based producer and Left, Right & Centre co-founder launches Bone Idle, a label for his own productions.

Something didn’t feel right; he couldn’t put his finger on what but everything seemed difficult to compute. Dim lamps blared like full headlights, whispered words sounded like screams and even the slightest brush of fabric on his skin made him shiver all over; as if out of nowhere he’d become sensitive to the smallest things and they would send his mind into collapse. What was going on inside his head? Could it be fixed or would this be forever? A million questions swirled around his brain, each one draining what was left of his energy reserves…


Manchester-based DJ and producer Korzi has already proved his curatorial abilities through his co-run imprint and party series Left, Right & Centre, which has been a space for forward-thinking UK bass and techno releases. A dab hand in crafting these sounds himself, he’s now launched his own imprint, Bone Idle, as a platform for his own boundary-pushing UK techno productions. The first release is Brain Zaps, which pays homage to soundsystem culture and low end frequencies, and sees Korzi explore sharp synths, punchy bass lines and frenetic drum patterns.