Premiere: Stevie R & Parisinos feat. Ellivia – The Way We Play (Bawrut Remix)

The way we play (1)

The Inside Out Rec boss and his regular collaborator team up with vocalist Ellivia for a single and remix package on AZZUR.

“It’s over and that’s what I believe, I’m waiting, the crowd is watching me. I’m thinking how I will never leave, what d’you want from me? The night is over and you’re still watching me, I think I’m sober, that’s not what you believe, don’t know I’m watching but you’re still watching me. There ain’t a single thing I haven’t tried doesn’t get me out of your mind, it doesn’t matter how I feel inside, you’re still watching me…”


Regular collaborators Stevie R & Parisinos land on AZZUR for a new single featuring the vocal talents of singer Ellivia. The pair have previously shared their organic, acidic slow burners on Playground, Roam, Povilno and Stevie’s Inside Out Records but with the addition of Ellivia’s hypnotic vocals on ‘The Way We Play’, their sonics are taken to new heights. The single is twisted into new shapes and forms on the flip by R$N family member Bawrut, Roam alumni Kate Stein and Dharma.