Premiere: Vell – Floating Mists, Warm Vistas

5 Minute Read

Bangkok-based artist Vell releases debut EP “Floating Mists, Warm Vistas,” on the Boiled Wonderland Records’ banner.

In a vell of floating mists so fine, Warm vistas danced in a twisty line. Boiled Wonderland records played a tune, Singing a song to the glowing moon.

Mists giggled and twirled with glee, Vistas whispered secrets to the sea. Boiled Wonderland laughed along, Records skipped, oh what a song!

Through the vell, a whimsical flight, Floating dreams took their height. Warm vistas hugged the sky so tight, Boiled Wonderland spun day to night.

Records danced on the starry floor, A nonsense rhyme forevermore. In this world where imagination exists, Vell, vistas, records – a dreamer’s tryst!


An expansive sonic journey of an EP, we’re premiering the title track; “Floating Mists, Warm Vistas,” packed full of skipping drum breaks, rolling basslines and bubbling synths.

The full EP’s out on September 22nd, 2023.

Listen below: