Premiere: Halwa – Drehwurm

5 Minute Read

A new compilation from Compost Records profiles the modern Krautrock era.

There was a deep rumble – the sound of machines. It was what inspired him – the loud noises and the reverberating echo of progress as the noise grew and grew in a great harmonious cacophony.

Some said that one day machines would rule us all, little did they know about the wild ambition of mad scientists and anarchists who would use them to unleash unruly madness.

However, the machines could be just as peaceful if they were allowed to be. Just because something roars does not mean that it has to bite.


Forthcoming on Compost Records, a compilation which spotlights and showcases the best of a newish generation of krautrock featuring producers and musicians such as I:Cube, Fred und Luna, Abrão and many more. This track from Halwa takes our pick of the bunch.

Listen below: