Premiere: Two Cold – Missing Channel (Static Electricity Mix)

5 Minute Read

Electro for freaks and ravers on Make A Dance Records.

It were as if it had never been there at all. The flickering of static was all that was left behind as he scrolled and jumped between the channels to see if there had been some great and reckless mistake. How could it have just vanished like this? How could an entire network disappear? Where was the precedent for such chaos?

Nobody had ever heard of a missing channel before – they were programmed to remain eternal and to guide viewers through the night. One by one they tuned in to make sure that they were kept safe from the powers above – watching, listening and receiving the stream. Now it was gone, they didn’t know what might follow next…


London based brothers Two Cold are set to release an anticipated new EP on Make A Dance Records. It’s an EP with punchy Electro roots and Rave influences which will definitely do the trick on the dancefloor with clever cuts and chops dotted throughout.

Listen below: