Premiere: Rampue – Inside

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PREMIERE: Rampue – Inside [A Tribe Called Kotori]

Rampue celebrates the A Tribe Called Kotori label’s first adventures in long players with his album Bubblebath Trance.

In the realm of Rampue, where unicorns prance,
Lies a tribe so wild, it’s like a mad dance,
“Inside A Tribe Called Kotori” they chant,
In a bubblebath trance, they love to enhance.

With feathered hats and shoes that squeak,
They slide on rainbows, oh so unique,
In a bubbly river, they giggle and speak,
Their nonsense language, oh so chic.


Rampue’s skies are made of lemonade,
Marshmallow clouds provide the shade,
In a bubblebath trance, they wade,
Laughing at pineapples in a serenade.

Squirrels play trumpets, birds play the drums,
As they dance with pineapples, their silliness hums,
The moon joins in, doing twirls and sums,
All lost in the trance, where absurdity strums.

So if you’re looking for a whimsical chance,
To escape reality and join in the dance,
Find Rampue’s tribe in their bubblebath trance,
With Kotori’s spirit, let your nonsense advance!

Rampue’s Bubblebath Trance is the A Tribe Called Kotori label’s first foray into long players.  Venturing into extended musical narratives they invite Berlin-based producer Rampue who examines electronica, abstraction, and “Balearic-infused progressive-house” no less. Rich textures and intricacies form a “lushly textured promenade in sound.”

We’re premiering Inside.

Listen below: