Premiere: Squidgenini – All The Way (Charlie Hill’s Slow Dance Mix)

5 Minute Read

A wicked EP on Beats of No Nation with a number of unique ‘versions’.

The road was long and winding, they watched as it disappeared into the distance as it met the horizon. There was no turning back now, they could only drive forwards into the dust.

The desert was scarce and a dense, cloudy orange. Nothing lived out here for it was wild and rugged, hot and bothersome.

Occasionally the breeze would blow softly, it was a modest relief against the abrasive heat which burnt the skin and ignited the senses in the worst of ways.

They would have to go all the way – they knew this now. It was only time which would tell if they might make the end of the road.


Squidgenini releases a new EP on Beats of No Nation featuring a number of reworks and versions. Each take is unique and makes this a well rounded record which will do wonders in a variety of sets. We expect this one to be guarded closely and played lots.

Listen below: