Premiere: Krista Papista – Sonnenallee ft. Kiki Moorse (Aryaxz Remix)

5 Minute Read
artwork by alfatih and Krista Papista

Fast paced hot steppin’ Electro breaks from Krista Papista, Kiki Moorse and Aryaxz.

There wasn’t much life out here in the middle of nowhere. All that could be seen for miles around was thick orange sand which created a barren landscape of dunes and jagged cliffs. In the distance they could see the clouds beginning to roll in, soon this place would be engulfed by one wild storm with the dust blowing and howling in the fierce resilience of the bitter wind.

The noise would be deafening and there would be times that they might not know they were still upon planet earth at all.

Hopefully they would be long gone by then, that was to be somebody else’s storm.


Krista Papista continues to challenge convention with experimental Electronica and Pop music. This new track features Kiki Moorse and is remixed by aryaxz who whips the track into an Electro driven frenzy which wouldn’t sound out of place in a Dj Stingray set.

Listen below: