Flug 8 announces new album “Bermuda”

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The mighty Flug 8 returns to Ransom Note Records with his incredible new album, Bermuda LP, for another solo mission into deep space.

His first new music on Ransom Note Records since the 2020 LP, Electric Fields, Fluggy (aka Daniel Herrmann) treats us to nine new etherial moonscapes, that twinkle and pulse like the northern lights themselves. There is no sound in space but, if there was, we’re pretty sure it’d sound something like this!

Album focus track and the opener of this entire heavenly soundscape, Ariel, starts as Cosmonaut Daniel means to go on: blasting off with arpeggios darting left and right, faraway, chords and celestial choirs singing in perfect harmony. Ariel builds towards an intangible peak, before falling away below our feet, leaving us suspended and weightless as we experience this ephemeral natural wonder.

Second single, Cyclops, floats into sight through the thick, hazy gas cloud of the cosmos. Its uplifting, distant, bowed strings and high, staccato percussive tones reveal themselves, but just as quickly disappear as you reach out to touch them through the spacesuit. Almost cinematic in its scope, just like the mythical Cyclops, this piece has one singular vision and it will leave you breathless.


Bermuda Tape (1)

Limited Edition Cassette Tape.


The zero gravity feel of first single, Raifufku Maru, transports us beyond the asteroid belt with it’s atonal bleeps and mechanical noises. The cacophony soon gives way to some truly epic, histrionic synth chords though, putting the listener into stasis, stuck motionless in spacetime as the music washes over our corporeal bodies.

The first single from Bermuda LP, Raifuku Maru is out now – listen below:

Available on limited edition purple cassette tape, Bermuda is Flug 8’s most ambitious, yet timeless, album to date.

Pre-order the album HERE.