Premiere: Anna Schreit – Enzio On Rainbow Road

5 Minute Read

Elegant House music dedicated to close friends.

Dancing through the clouds, it seemed as if they might never find their way back to earth. Up above the world below, they felt at home wandering amidst the deep blue, watching as the fluffy pillows floated on by beneath them casting shadows down upon a dense green planet. From time to time they’d catch a glimpse of where they had arisen from, only to become re-emerged in the density of the fluffy white orbs.

They wandered atop a rainbow road, in the search of something more, something far more than what was beneath. They danced amidst the stars upon a highway of technicolour dreams.

This was the vision of a new future.


Anna Schreit is a Berlin producer and DJ who has dedicated an EP to close friends. Forthcoming on Compost Records this one showcases elegant House music with a nod to Detroit and beyond.

Listen below: