Premiere: Gonno – Final Hate

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JIN08 Cover

Taiwanese record label JIN releases a new EP which features music from Gonno.

The clouds were dark and stormy, the sky was thick with rain as a wild wind blew through the streets shaking towerblocks and rattling the windows. Neon lights were all that illuminated the moody backdrop, bright colours in pink, blue, yellow and red cast a hazy artificial glow from shop windows and billboards.

It was the middle of the afternoon but you could be forgiven for thinking it was midnight.

As he strolled beneath a black umbrella he looked around at this bitter, bitter place.

This was his final hate.


Gonno is set to release a new EP on JIN – a deep assortment of mostly club focussed material which is at times as challenging as it is ethereal. This track called ‘Final Hate’ is punishing and ominous.

Listen below: