Premiere: Sivey – Purple Whirlpool

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Frass FM 6 – Digi Cover

Astral Black celebrates ten years in business with the release of a new compilation.

Drip by drip, drop by drop – the cup began to bubble like some sort of wild cauldron. It was all illuminated by the hazy murky glow of the streetlights which were all seeing and all knowing as they looked down upon the corner with a wicked orange fog.

One sip and it were as if time was moving ever so slowly – the noises which echoed all around were no longer there and the city was silent and asleep for a moment.

Wandering step by step, through the sprawling mirage of streets, boarded up shutters and empty buildings were all that was left to guide him from place to place. Sometimes it was better to be lost than found, besides whenever he needed to find solace in something, there was a purple whirlpool nearby for that.


Astral Black celebrate ten strong years in the game with the release of a new compilation which features family favourites and good friends. Dj Milktray, Jossy Mitsu, Will Lister and more all feature on the new compilation called ‘Frass FM VI’. This track from Sivey did the business for us…

Listen below: