Premiere: Silicodisco & Alex Aguayo – Cabina A Marte

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Premiere: Silicodisco & Alex Aguayo – Cabina A Marte

Mélopée Records unveil “Presente Ausente,” an Italo/Dark Disco collaboration by Silicodisco & Alex Aguayo.

Silicodisco and Alex Aguayo,
Danced in a Cabina A Marte glow.
With beats so wild in the Original Mix,
They joined the party in a rhythmic fix.

Melopee Records set the scene,
Where grooves and melodies careened.
In a world of sounds so sweet and neat,
They danced to the rhythm of the street.

So let the Silicodisco lights ignite,
With Alex Aguayo, a musical flight.
Cabina A Marte, they ventured afar,
In the Melopee realm, where wonders are.


The EP features two originals and re-versions by Armonics and Marching Machines.

We’re premiering the original of Cabina A Marte.

Listen below: