dj peanut: The ‘Shine A Light On’ Mix

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Deep moving, outsider sounds from the Glasgow via London DJ.

Next up is a DJ with truly unique and innovative music taste – this mix is a testament to that fact demonstrating a broad array of interests and perspectives.

This one is not a traditional presentation of ‘club music’ (whatever that means) by any stretch. What it is is a journey through deep, pensive, haunting, stranger sounds. It’s kaleidoscopic in its approach, tapping in to a mood as much as anything else.

The tracklist which was sent and accompanies the selection is incredibly far reaching and demonstrates a vast wealth of knowledge as dj peanut soundtracks nearly two hours of music.


Originally from Glasgow but presently based in London dj peanut has cut her teeth in both cities, establishing connections through parties and friends.

This is exactly what the ‘shine a light on’ series has always been a representation of – showcasing those unique dj’s who really don’t give a f*ck and continue to focus on pushing things forward and doing their own thing.

This mix is a wild ride. Lock in:

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