Premiere: Maxwell Simons – Well 1

5 Minute Read

Energetic, bounce ready Bass music from Maxwell Simons on Beat Machine Records.

The room was full, swat dripped from the ceiling and the fans were on full power spinning and whirring doing everything in their power to lift the warmth, even just for a moment.

Outside the sun beat down heavy on the streets – there were few wanderers out and about. Instead they’d taken refuge in the bars and clubs nearby, looking to seek refuge from the baking sun. That didn’t mean that there was no fun to be had…

No, quite the opposite.

The music blasted loudly from the hand crafted old speakers, it banged and boomed as whoops and delirious cheers echoed from room to room. It were as if the sun was some kind of witchcraft…


Maxwell Simons is set to release a new EP on Beat Machine Records – a raucous affair set to bang in small rooms and test soundsystems. This one is for the energy crew.

Listen below: