This Week... Wind, Van Dyk and Beyond...

"People don't know exactly what I do; they just know I'm cool."

This Week... Breakfast, Existential Doubt and Swans

"The species will continue, whatever apocalypse we manage to unleash. It just won't be much fun to live through."

Psychogeography: Phillipi & Rodrigo in São Paulo

The duo guide us around their favourite spots in the Brazilian city.

This Week... Girl Power vs Slavery, Bin Laden is back, RIP Mark Hollis

"Come my love, kick the line." - Mark Hollis

Psychogeography: Lazare Hoche in Paris

""Growing up here in Paris, style and aesthetic are part of your everyday life."

This Week... there's a new gang in town and a stateless scandal

"Britain is filled with people who are really proud of their stupidity."

Psychogeography: Photonz on Lisbon

The One Eyed Jacks label head guides us around the Portuguese city.

This Week... no mention of V-Day, some reference of Brexit... and Richard Madeley.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” - Socrates

This Week... Murderous pigs, are you happy to be alive, and Carol C

"I'm a late-night person who likes to eat a lot of breakfast stuff at night."

This Week...What do you get when a Magnum, a drunk and a stray cow walk into a bar?

"A sticky situation?" - Gordon Ramsay

This Week...International relations go way beyond serious politics

Brexit and Venezuela step aside, there's a moose war afoot...

View From The Side: Has house music lost its soul?

A reflection on the genre in the present day..

This Week...We've come a long, long way together...

"Bird Box was pretty dece, wasn't it?" - Prince Philip

Psychogeography: Mister Saturday Night in New York

Later this month they will bring their infamous party to London town, a little piece of New York will touch ...

This Week... Wildlife criminals, alien presenters and cheese toasties

"Eggcellent." - Mr. Burns


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