Timeless Tales with Tigerbalm, Lisa Loud and Danielle Moore

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Written by Sharon Andrews

Talking legacy with the crew ahead of Campo Sancho.

Carnival legends Sancho Panza’s signature festival Campo Sancho returns for its seventh edition in July. Tucked away deep in the Hertfordshire countryside, just an hour from the city. It’s an independent boutique festival that has been carefully curated by founders Jimmy K-Tel and Matt Brown. This years the line-up includes Laurent Garnier, Crazy P’s Danielle Moore, Norman Jay, Rahaan, Dicky Trisco, JKriv, Faith, Tigerbalm, Abi Clarke, Lisa Loud, Hilit Kolet and more. 

Campo Sancho has been crafted with passion, love, and dedication, with a super friendly crowd on a magical site, surrounded by nature. The Guardian said it was “The small festival with the big attitude.”  It’s the ultimate Country Cuddle.


Crazy P’s Danielle Moore has been wowing crowds with her dynamic stage performances and soulful diva vocal, Lisa Loud was part of ‘Loud Noise’ with other leading lady Nancy Noise, has been an integral part of the UK’s rich party history both in London, Ibiza and beyond, and the rising London star with her own unique style and tropical island flavour, Tigerbalm, are all part of this year’s magical Campo Sancho affair.

Danielle Moore asks Tigerbalm

Your own music productions and DJ sets have an incredibly unique sound. Heavily rhythmic and seemingly inspired by percussive Afro beats with a wonderfully modern and authentic twist. How did you start your musical journey and did something significant influence your musical mood, or does it just feel right?

I started my DJ journey when I got myself CDJs at uni. Firstly, I was using USB then I started playing vinyl after my parents gave me their record collection; the addiction began from then and they loved Afro Latin music, so I guess for me it’s a love language…the evolution came with my travels. I absorb the cultural sounds and integrate into my production and DJ sets! 

I’ve been travelling a lot to Mexico and Brazil so there’s a heavy influence there, but honestly, I just want to make all cultures inclusive and celebrate diversity. 

 Tigerbalm is a fabulous alias of which you have a couple. Do your names reflect parts of your personality and if so, which is the most appropriate and how would your associates describe you?

I was born in the Chinese year of the Tiger, so my mum always got me tiger themed things, so when I started my solo project I was like hmmm, what can I call myself… my dad said Tiggy Bomb which is quite funny, but I went for Tigerbalm like the Thai ointment which is fire like, potent and healing (how I like to think my music is!).

I think my friends would describe me as passionate, driven, generous and cheeky! 

You can choose to live in another country, but you have to tell me where and have particularly good reasons for your choice! I can’t guarantee your wish will come true, but you will certainly be putting it out to the universe, so you never know.

Europe would be Ibiza for hike, nature, and connection to the sea, and local to home! But I think my real dream would be to live in Brazil. There is just nothing like it! Rio de Janeiro is the most beautiful city in the world, and I’d live in Santa Teresa. 

You are always impeccably dressed. What is your favourite piece to wear at a festival and what is your mode of relaxation attire?

At the moment, I am obsessed with this purple 80s satin jacket my mate loaned me. I’ve been doing Vinted for some cool new pieces because I don’t like to wear the same thing often. I have been wearing a lot of pieces from Fuud London and Farm.

“I guess for me it’s a love language.”


Tigerbalm asked Lisa Loud

I’d love to hear about a couple of the best moments in your career. It can be achievements, DJ sets etc & why did you choose them?

Towards the end of the 90’s the world opened up much more and I started to travel to some really unusual territories. I was playing in Moscow quite a lot at a club called X111, It was the most incredible venue, super exclusive, so many beautiful people who really loved to party! What followed from me having a profile in Moscow was a locally promoted dance music festival, the brainchild of a very wealthy club owner in Moscow. The festival was the first of its kind. It was held in a forte in St Petersburg. You had to travel by boat to get to the forte, the production was out of this world, sound, dancers, I honestly had never seen anything like this, other than possibly manumission in Ibiza.

The guys that arranged this asked if I would tour Russia as the face of the festival. I spent Many weeks traveling across the whole of Russia doing press events and parties to promote the forth coming festival. This has to be one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. Russia is a huge country, some of the shows and press days were on the China borders. The sheer cultural environment was mind blowing. Bringing house music to a country that really wasn’t built that way was really enlightening and if we look at the way the world is today, it’s probably unlikely this would ever happen again. I feel totally blessed to have experienced that.

I had a dual profile for most of my career, a DJ, and a music promoter. My first job was with Virgin records, I was 18, the Acid house movement was exploding. I was involved with the promotion of many great dance artists, who really were the most exciting and ground-breaking artists for dance music. 

I promoted albums by Massive Attack – Blue lines, Soul II Soul – Club classics Volume 1, Inner City Paradise and more whilst working at Virgin. The sales achieved in the breaking of these albums were so significant I was awarded an outstanding achievement award presented by Richard Branson himself. Thats something I won’t forget 🙂   

What would you say are three timeless tracks that have stayed with you throughout your DJ sets. Any ‘fave’ goes to’s?

Night writers – Let the music use you. My most favourite house track ever! So many things about this record I adore. The chords are instantly recognisable, and the song lyrics are absolutely beautiful. It is so uplifting and soulful but rocks any setting. A stone- cold classic.

Jibaro – Elkin and Nelson. My first experience of Ibiza was 1985. We would go to Amnesia where Alfredo played his residency. Hearing this record on the terrace under the stars (Amnesia, use to be roofless) with the planes flying over and Alfredo at the helm was just magical. It has such beautiful energy. The vocals and the horns are exceptional. Originally released in 1974 and recorded live gives this brilliant record so much depth. Not an easy one to mix, thankfully the intro allows you to drop it from the top, the outro on the other hand is a different story. It evokes such wonderful memories.

Ralphi Rosario – You Used To Hold Me. Pure warehouse vibes. Dirty soulful house at its best. The bassline rocks, the vocals are so infectious, and the beats are raw and tough. Just brilliant! Released in 1987 the year I started my music business and DJ career. I played this at many illegal raves back in the day, and have re-featured it recently in my sets, it still receives the same response. Timeless.

Describe your dream gig. Location, setup, people, visual…paint the picture…

I quite fancy playing in a cave Not sure if great sound is achievable or not, but I am sure it has been done. The party should start on the beach and then move to the cave. Only the best party people please! No ego’s, music heads that love to dance. Sound has to be excellent. Sunset to sunrise. That would be pretty cool and something I have never experienced.

What do you do to stay balanced and healthy working in the music industry, DJ ‘ying & Touring?

I have a young-ish son. I was a geriatric mum as I was so career focused, I ended up having my son at 42. He most certainly keeps me on my toes, and I am on the go all the time. He is 12 now so is becoming a bit more independent so I hope to start doing a bit more for me. 

I am nutrition conscious. We eat very well at home, and we make almost all meals from scratch. I do a lot of breath work and stretches, and 1 PT session a week. Mainly I concentrate on what keeps me calm. Hence the breath work. I am high vibration and extremely sensitive, so I try to invest in my mind so that I don’t get too overwhelmed. It is time to step things up a bit, I think. My excuse is I have always loved dancing, so I do exercise with work unconsciously. 

“I quite fancy playing in a cave.”


Lisa Loud asks Danielle Moore

My house is always playing some crazy P somewhere and we look forward to seeing you at Campo Dani! Who would be your dream writing and performance collaboration, dead or alive, and why do you choose them?

Prince! If ever I had the guts to dare to jump on somehow somewhere then Prince. The effortless pop/funk/uniqueness of his writing particularly the period 78-92 I’d potentially explode in his presence, but yeah. 

For me, its lyrical and rhythmical content, and his incomparable performance style – which I’d hope rubbed off a little – the fact he plays an array of instruments and seemingly permanently surrounded by total dudes. And his wardrobe!

What music style was your greatest influence growing up? Where did you hear them played? Who are some of your favourite artists currently?

Prince, Madonna, Gil Scott Heron, all pop, and soul from George Michael to The Cure. The 80s were just the best for eclectic pop and where the top 40 was avidly listened to of a Sunday teatime – much to my mum and dads frustration – as I’d be up and down taping it! 

More recently I listen to so many different genres: Balearic, soulful folk, techno, disco depending on my mood and the day of the week that tends to dictate; but my husband who isn’t a DJ – but who has an enviable collection of records – has some great stuff most of which I’m happy to admit I’ve never heard! He’s an influence.

I really like Paranoid London. I just find them strong and interesting, and their music helps me shake off a lot of frustrations.

 After Acid house and the 90’s being hailed as the ‘Drug’ Generation, there is finally a light shone on mental health and well-being in the music industry. What do you do to ensure there is equilibrium and balance in your life? 

Finally thank goodness! Having struggled with mental health through my life, I welcome the process of listening to each other and believing when someone is struggling or hurting. It’s real. 

I struggle for balance when we are busy, but I have to try and be mindful of the things that work. I invested in some hypnotherapy recently with a lovely lady so much, so I’d call her an angel. She taught me how to meditate and take time to stop and breathe. She listened to me and made me realise the brilliance in simplifying time. We understood that I needed to employ some downtime, so I engage in plenty of walking in the hills. I like feeling insignificant in the grand scheme of things and standing on top of a hill and realising we are a tiny speck on a floating rock is often what grounds me.

I try and be mindful of what I eat and drink and love a good mushroom adventure for my mind. I was benefitting from doing weights, then got a puppy and my time is mainly spent getting my wellies on and tiring him out! He’s worth it!

 What comes first in the crazy P studio. Melody, Groove, Song?

All of it at one time or another! Depends on who is in the mood first. It’s usually a basic drum beat and a chord, or a bass line and a vocal but no real set structure. We just keep our fingers crossed!!!

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