Return-Backspace conclude trilogy of Marco Repetto EP’s

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The Planet Love series has shone a light on some previously unreleased material by influential producer Marco Repetto who recorded the music featured across the series between 1990 and 1992.

The final EP in the series is perhaps the most euphoric and club focussed of the lot, showcasing a fast paced approach to piano based House music and Rave. Record label return-backspace have been steadily releasing the rediscovered material across a series of EP’s which showcase the versatility of Marco’s music.

Marco Repetto is a DJ from Bern, Switzerland. He started out as a drummer of a punk band in 1978 and got into electronic music in 1989 founding record label Inzec in 1998. His music was released under various monikers and appeared on labels including Rephlex, Axodya, Superstition and more.

All of the tracks featured in the return-backspace trilogy are under the guise of Planet Love.


A teaser for the final instalment can be seen below, buy the releases HERE.