Best of 2022: In Nonsense

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2022 nonsense
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Written by Ransom Note Staff

A collection of “highlights” from another year of chaos.

It seems as though the world is perhaps more topsy turvy than ever. I guess that’s a polite way of explaining that it’s absolutely ‘f**ked’.

Anyway, it is what it is so we may as well relish in the abject misery, blistering satire and ludicrous shenanigans of us earthlings before it all gets a bit too late and it’s not funny anymore…………..

Moving on.

It’s been an interesting year, we’ve had three Prime Ministers, one new King, a winter World Cup and some DJ’s ended poverty. No, really, it’s amazing what a few Tweets can do these days.


Meanwhile we decided we’d put all of our ‘problems’ on a one way flight to Rwanda, I find that most of my issues feel better once I’ve deported them half way across the world so I can continue to eat my fish and chips in peace.

Overseas war rages on with little inclination that a certain brainless egomaniac has yet come to terms with a remarkably overblown case of ‘small man syndrome’.

However, what’s almost certainly more important than the threat of nuclear war is what your favourite DJ du jour thinks about it and whether or not their Instagram post is ‘enough’ to demonstrate distain.

Ah yes, it’s a funny old world. Here are some of our favourite moments from the last year…

Kate Bush Reborn

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the fresh lease of life afforded to ‘Running Up That Hill’. Who can deny the class and artistry nestled amidst those brooding synthesizers, the soaring vocals and the spine tingling crescendo which has made it perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of Pop of all time.

However, what we didn’t need was what followed. The endless Tech House, Psytrance and Prog House reinterpretations. Then there were the covers, this was our favourite…


Vladimir Putin’s Technology

There’s something ominous and yet bizarrely funny about the notion of a man with a nuclear bomb who doesn’t know what a mobile phone is. Has anyone told him that there’s porn on the internet yet?


Poundzone Wrekenton

Life is all about simple pleasures. That’s all we have these days really so when a couple of blokes come along and tell us that we can get a six pack of Skips for 25p on a rainy Tuesday afternoon we are bloody well here for it.


Cafe Oto

Now before some poor old corduroy wearing bespectacled gentleman comes along and tells me that there’s more to ‘music’ I’d tell them to watch this and respond with the same inclination. Whilst not strictly limited to 2022 this Tweet was a personal highlight.

Liz Truss

She was Prime Minister for like 44 days or something silly like that. I’ve had seshes that have lasted longer than that. I wonder what Liz Truss would be like on the sesh, I reckon she’d be that one in the corner zoned out on some low grade cocaine talking about how she once tried some Morley’s chicken after a particularly ‘wild one’ in a ‘colourful area’ in South London.


The Cost of Living

Who needs clothes? Who needs central heating? Who needs food? It’s been great getting to live a little more humbly during these strange times. They say that innovation is born from necessity, check out my new threads. 


The Queue

Quite possibly the best moment of 2022. The Queue had it all…

David Beckham joined the queue; Phil & Hollie skipped the queue; the queue had a queue; you could live stream the queue; people travelled to join the queue; the queue could be seen from space; the queue had its own weather system; the queue was 24 hours long; the queue brought London to a standstill.


Solomun’s Interview

The New Yorker piece was interesting and odd in equal measure, especially the shower scenes.

Dall E Mini

A wonderful tool capable of creating beautiful moments and twisted nightmares. Want to see Barack Obama eating some courgettes? Prince Charles fighting an eagle? Boris Johnson as Iron Maiden cover art? You got it…

Platty Joobs

Somewhat more poignant now she is gone *coughs. The Platinum Jubilee was a special chance to celebrate British sensibilities and reflect on everything that makes this country the ‘Great’ nation that it is. We all ate pie, mash and jellied eels. We drank Carling and danced in the streets to the music of Take That and Atomic Kitten and shouted obscenities about Harry and Meghan. Good times..

Lewis Capaldi

Perhaps the best moment on television this year was Lewis Capaldi’s interview for the morning breakfast show on BBC news. Absolute savagery..


It’s Corn

“A big lump with knobs – it’s got the juice!”



Nobody is quite sure how it started, who started it or whether there was any truth to the matter but it’s definitely funny to think that it might be and that it became a trending hashtag. We’ll say no more for legal reasons…

Uncut Jahms

Julia Fox is a hard one to figure out. I can’t decide if I like her or not, I think so? Maybe? Anyway, this interview was pretty funny, especially the part when she said ‘Uncut Jahms’…


Will Smith’s Slap

I still can’t actually believe that happened. The meme’s were good too.

Dixon’s Trousers

“Do you want the blue pair or the white pair?”

‘Hold on a second…’