Video Premiere: Wanton Witch – Tanah Tanih

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In February of this year, Rinse France resident RONI shared the first VA compilation on her label Nehza Records.

Continuing her mission to highlight the beauty of nature and our relationship to it as humans, especially in the current day and age, Transnaturel brought together nine artists to sonically interpret subjects around today’s environmental plight.

In its entirety the compilation is about “reconnecting to our roots and removing distractions to clear out our vision and nurture a compassionate vibrational frequency”, with each track title a nod to a different theme around climate change.


Navigating the worlds of acid, IDM, breaks, electro, rave and beyond, the release featured music from the likes of Amaliah, NSDOS, Aloka and Amor Satyr, who’s contribution we premiered earlier this year.

As an appendix to the release, Nehza are sharing a new Wanton Witch’s track, ‘Tanah Tanih’. Working with Thai multidisciplinary artist Panlert, she’s created a 3D video that brings the story of the music to life. Drawing influence from the meaning behind the track title, which alludes to the topmost layer of soil, Panlert has created a visual of multi-coloured soil molecules, rising sea-level and burnt mountaintops. This is juxtaposed with more hopeful iconography that translates themes of regrowth and rebirth amidst the chaos.


Transnaturel is out now on Nehza Records.