Premiere: Amor Satyr – Dragonfly Glider


The first compilation on Roni’s Nehza Records.

Her garden was an oasis, a place of calm and peace away from the world. She’d put all her time and effort into making it just so; a sanctuary that she could evolve and build over the years — add to, take away from. Flowers of all sizes and colours bordered the pathways and the secret corners she’d fashioned out of twigs and branches, while down at the bottom of the lawn a small stream trickled softly away into the distance. Nature would always be where she felt most at home, it was where she belonged.


After releasing two solo EPs on her Nehza Records label, Roni calls on the talents of several producers for her first ever compilation. Transnaturel, like the mission of her imprint as a whole, concerns itself with nature, more specifically the beauty of what’s around us and the important role we all need to play in protecting and conserving the environment. Bringing together artists from all over the world, including Amor Satyr, Wanton Witch, NSDOS and Amaliah, the nine-track release, which spans breaks, bass, techno, rave and more, aims to reconnect us to our roots, ‘stripping back distractions and ultimately clearing our vision to nurture a compassionate vibrational frequency.’