Premiere: MagicPink – Night Vision

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The Bed Of Roses member debuts on the Portland label.

Things became clearer under the veil of darkness; how ironic that in the stark light of day, nothing but confusion and uncertainty ruled her mind. Though the answers were staring her right in the face, she couldn’t see them, there was too many distractions and external influences that obstructed her vision. But when night took hold, and the sweet sound of silence prevailed, the solutions were finally plain to see..


For the next release on Portland’s Bed of Roses, they welcome MagicPink – a member of the label collective – for her debut EP, Night Visions. A powerful, stirring release in its entirety, the four original tracks journey through twinkling, icy synths, fuzzy, driving EBM and skittering blends of trance and industrial. On the flip a few other producers get their hands on the music; French post-punk band Blind Delon take on the title track, while label mate and boss, Cole Baby and Break Mode, respectively, also add their own personal touch to two of the other cuts.