Premiere: Hologram Teen – Valley Nights (Burnin’)

Written by Iman Cavargni-Sani

LA-based Hologram Teen (aka Morgane Lhote) returns to Ransom Note Records with a third album entitled “Day-Glo Chaos”, an unabashedly nostalgic musical love letter to the 1980s.

Offering a mixture of cinematic strings, 80s French pop, video game soundtracks, a dash of Drum and Bass and vocoder vocals, this album feels like living in a vintage arcade.

Inspired by LA life, vintage video games, coffee-fuelled musical experimentation, Baroque keyboard parts, Neil Young’s “Trans”, and 1980s French pop culture, Hologram Teen found elements that contributed to the creation of ‘Day-Glo Chaos’, but that’s not all.


The basis of the album was a synth sound that the artist created for the song “Dalston Wizardzz” on her previous R$N outing “Pizza Conspiracy”. Morgane liked its airiness and soundtrack-like vibe and wanted to build a collection of songs around it, with those string pads as the starting point and backbone for all the new tracks in ‘Day-Glo Chaos’. What started as more cinematic tracks quickly evolved into kinetic and upbeat 80s pop songs.

The first single, ‘Valley Nights (Burnin’)‘, is a synthy ode to the 80s and evokes Hologram Teen’s love story with her home base in Los Angeles and driving through the city at night. It’s suddenly 1983. You’re driving a DMC DeLorean through a bright tunnel whilst the need to sip on a cold beer invades your thoughts. ‘Valley Nights (Burnin’)’ is playing on the radio and that’s all you want to hear right now.