Video Premiere: H.L.M. – Architecture Compliquée

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A visualisation of the first release from the new French/Berlin-based electronic music duo.

Could you erase the thoughts that had clogged your brain for as long as you could remember? Could you start afresh with no memories, no identity, no idea of where you’d been or gone? The mind had been on a path to destruction for what seemed like an eternity, it was only a matter of time before the pendulum swung the other way. Maybe beginning with an empty vessel wouldn’t be all that bad, maybe it would be a chance to do things over, to write the wrongs that had long plagued your existence.


Berlin-based French duo, and long time friends, H.L.M. – an abbreviation of Haute Levitation Mutee – made their debut last month on the latest in Ombra International’s V/A series. Hot on the heels of the release, the pair geared up for the release of their first official outing, a single titled ‘Architecture Compliquée’. Recorded between Bordeaux and Berlin over the course of lockdown and periods of isolation, the track “tells the story of the architecture of a complex brain, the process of construction immediately followed by destruction” and is backed up by two remixes from the Ombra boss himself, Curses.


Architecture Compliquée is out now on MilkMe. Video clip by Kirkor Albert & H.L.M.