Video Premiere: Leevisa – Indoor Labor


A visual accompaniment to the second track of Korean DJ, producer and film composer’s Koreography EP.

“Peace as thought… Body as thought… Education as thought…

Friendship as thought… Dream as thought… Society as thought…

…Love as thought…”


Leevisa is a DJ, producer and film composer operating between Seoul and Toronto. Her latest EP, Koreography combines experimental rhythms with pop sensibilities and a cinematic flair – it’s music for those “lost in translation moments.” The copy for the release takes the form of a eulogy, a look back at the life and times of a passionate and creative individual who lived by the mantra “Life is too short, so let’s be happy and do everything we want.” In reality this is exactly what Leevisa does with her musical practice. 

As a visual accompaniment to the second track on the EP, ‘Indoor Labor’, she teams up with her friend Sun to create a DIY video that flicks through night camera shots and slow motion frames. Just like the name of the track, Leevisa said of its creation that: “When shooting the video, with my friend Sun, I wanted the process to feel casual, and fun, but even with this mentality the process still felt like a constant cycle of labor.


Koreography is out now on Perpetual Care.