Premiere: Plead Slyngshot Neewt – Studio Pleasure

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

OK Spirit release a stellar EP from a dynamic trio.

There was a beautiful, cinematic sound emerging from behind closed doors. It danced and echoed in the hallway as smoke billowed softly from beneath the door which rattled under the weight of a large drum upon the other side.

This was studio pleasure at its very best – a unique moment in time in which creation and magic danced in the air as wild sounds reverberated and bounced between the walls.

Soon it would only be a distant memory, a flickering memory of a record long ago.


Now here is something special – a collaborative release between three heavyweight producers in the form of Plead, Slyngshot and Neewt. The three of them hold no punches drawing for weird, textural sounds with nods to dub, house, techno and beyond. It’s a wonderful release from the OK Spirit camp and one which comes highly recommended from us.

Listen below: