Premiere: Das Spezial – Nahid

5 Minute Read

Big noisy electronics with foreboding energy from Das Spezial.

The room was foggy and crowded as the drums began to clatter and bang. It echoed everywhere, piercing the ears of avid listeners who had come to be blown away by the scale and density of the sound. This was as big as it gets, crowded in the small cavernous space beneath the great brickwork of centuries before.

This was an old town, with old stories, an old history and the remnants of a lost generation who had made it what it was. The music heard thumping in this space was the last little reminder of what it was and what it had been.

Nahid began to dance…


Das Spezial hold no punches on a new EP via their own label. This one slams hard, weaving in elements of cinematic chaos alongside synthesizers, thrashing drums and noise. ‘Nahid’ was the highlight for us – like some sort of hyper aggressive John Carpenter reincarnation gone horribly wrong – in the best way that is.

Listen below: