Premiere: Odia – At The Edge Of The Stones


Afrobotic Music welcome back the Mexican DJ and producer for a mini album.

The clouds were ominous, they hung thick and heavy overhead – it felt like something bad were about to happen. That was the general mood of this place, everything was grey and dark, from the stones underfoot to the buildings silhouetted on the hills and the murky waters that surrounded them on this strange island. Sunshine was a mystery; an old friend you’d once known but recalling their face had become a task – now darkness was their only companion, from the moment they rose to the moment they closed their eyes.


In 2020 Mexican producer and DJ Odia released his first production feat, a five-track EP that brought together his influences which stretched from EBM and moody ambient to experimental and tribal house. Afrobotic Music was the home of it and now, two years on, he’s making his return to the Rotterdam label for a mini album, Adventures of Odia. Like his label debut, the six tracks are a cocktail of different inspirations; there’s ominous atmospheres and abstract drum programming, mystical shamanistic rhythms and heavy, crunchy electro – this does exactly what it says on the tine, it’s an adventure into the world of Odia.