Video Premiere: Karel – The Talk In Town

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The Amsterdam-based artist shares a 3D and AI generated video for a track off his recent self-released LP.

Amsterdam-based artist Karel’s output is a concoction of synth-pop and heady wave, peppered with his woozy vocals.

After releasing an EP on Job Jobse’s label and another on Magnetron, he’s recently taken matters into his own hands with Denouncing The Hypocrisy of our Time, a new self-released LP.


Recorded on both digital and analog equipment in his old north Amsterdam studio, the release is themed around contradiction and the social constructs and structure of society.

As an accompaniment he’s released a video for track ‘The Talk In Town’ which combines AI and 3D and was directed by Misha Gurovich. In his own words, “In AI reimagined version of Amsterdam roams an AI reimagined version of Karel. When the night comes and Karel gets on stage, the veil of normality falls and everything around him gets ingnited with his energy, everything becomes Karel. The sporadic movement of Karel in the video shows the tension between him and the normal environment, as if they exist on different frequencies, but in the end nothing can resist the music – even the city itself joins him. 

“The video was created as a combination of 3D and Artificial Intelligence generated imagery, first as a way to show the contrast between the character and its world and then to blend them together in a single entity.”