Premiere: Larmour – Run

K024 – LARMOUR – 3000X3000

Karakter host the British producer’s debut release, which comes with remixes from Luca Draccar and Mindbender.

Sweat dripped down her face and her hair stuck to her forehead, she tried to catch her breath but couldn’t find the air. Someone was hot on her tail, she could feel them closing in on her but there wasn’t a moment she could look over her shoulder to check, she had to keep up the pace. Her arms felt weak, her legs and body tired but she had to put that out of mind and focus on getting as far away as possible – if she stopped, they’d catch her.


Youth marks the debut EP from British producer Larmour. Lisbon & Amsterdam imprint Karakter have had this one in the works for some time and now it’s finally seeing the light of day. Driven by an interest in the relationship between electronic music and art and a mission ‘to explore points of convergence and reinterpret his experiences through his unique lens’, Larmour blends 80s-inspired synths, powerful rhythms and emotive wavey melodies, and brings on board Luca Draccar and Mindbender to create their own interpretations.


Youth will be released on 21st October.