Premiere: Lucy Grey – Repercussions


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elastics 01  Repercussions

London-based Elastics launch label of experimental club music focused around “tension and release”.

In the land where the skies are blue,
Lived Lucy Grey, with a peculiar hue.
She danced with glee to the beat of the drum,
In a world of wonder, where nonsense did hum.

With a twirl and a spin, she’d sing and prance,
In her ears, the echoes of a curious dance.
“Repercussions!” she’d cry with delight,
As she danced through the day and into the night.

Her steps were like feathers, light as air,
In her world of madness, nothing was rare.
With each leap and each bound, she’d stir up a fuss,
For Lucy Grey danced with a joyous ruckus.

Oh, what merry madness in her elastic spree,
In the realm of Elastics, wild and free!
So let us join Lucy in her jubilant flight,
And dance along with all our might!

Lucy Grey (press shot)


Featuring a diverse six-track compilation of experimental club music the first Elastics outing is co-curated by Flatcap and INGI. Opening with McGregor and Lucy Grey’s “Warm” and “Repercussions,” and elsewhere Kincaid, INGI & Ryvahl’s, Klahrk contribute fast-paced club tracks while R.E.D’s “The Boat is Gone” offers a cathartic conclusion.

“Having met years ago at Floorless Festival, the label was grown out of our appreciation of music revolving around tension and release – an Elasticity.” Flatcap & INGI

Limited edition cassettes available on Bandcamp and at The Carpet Shop on May 3rd for the Elastics001 launch party.

Listen below: