Premiere: Kosa – Cinq Minutes

5 Minute Read
NB-KOSA-Cover Front

Rare leftfiedl pop come punk excursions from the Vox Populi member.

The clock chimed loudly in the empty square but there was nobody left to hear it. They had all left this town long ago, escaping the concrete jungle for a warmer, more welcoming climate.

The ticking of the old thing was perhaps the only sign that anyone had in fact ever lived here. Soon that too would stop and there would be no sense of time to guide what remained of this old place.

Who knew when the final five minutes might be up?


After the legendary French Ethno-industrial group Vox Populi! faded into obscurity in the early 1990s, members Arash Khalatbari, Ariel Kyrou, Axel Kyrou, Chester Harlan, Mithra, Pierre Jolivet and Francis Manne all embarked on new artistic adventures in their own way. Some, like bassist Francis Lafont aka fr6 Manne, aka Kosa Nostra, aka Kosa and Friends, left Paris to make a profound change in his life. He settled in Lyon and traded his job as a graphic artist and musician for that of a landscape designer. From his pure artistic universe, he has never stopped making music.

Today, Notte Brigante presents “Kosa and Friends 1987/97”, twelve previously unreleased recordings that illustrate Francis Laffont’s ongoing musical creation following the dissolution of the group Vox Populi! With the music and video collective “Kosa and Friends,” he welcomes attentive listeners into an eccentric world of pop and poetry, experimentation and groove. Kosa blurs the lines between proto funk and post punk, indie and cold wave.

Listen below: