Premiere: Babylon X – Miliard Prisma Cliche

HQ Artwork

The project of MYKI and Olsvanger return with a new EP on their co-run imprint Tofistock.

“Truckupidööm is rolling on basalt stones with an hypnotic inertia of a sensual mileage. The pleasures of trembling releases from her body plastic and more plastic, spring and another spring, metal and another metal. She sheds the industry’s father from herself and turns to mother earth, to the sand hall, to the whistles of camels, to the reddish threshold where sunrises are a burning fire, and silence is an azure eternity.”


Individually Tel Aviv-based producers Olsvanger and MYKI have been firing out expertly crafted productions that connect the dots between their love of progressive trance and pumping classic house. It’s no surprise that when they come together under the guise of Babylon X, the output is something to marvel at, and that goes for Truckupidööm,  the project’s first full EP. Dropping via their own co-run label, Tofistock, the five tracks fuse the pair’s love for old school house, trance, jazz and Mediterranean Arabic sounds, culminating in a batch of  “spooky desert rollers”.


Truckupidööm will be released on 22nd September via Tofistock.