Premiere: Ultraflex – Ultrasex

Ultraflex_Infinite Wellness_Digital_3000x3000px_HQ

The Scandi duo blend 80s synth-pop, R&B and disco influences on their sophomore LP Infinite Wellness.

On more than one occasion she’d been the object of someone’s desires, whether she invited the attention or not. ‘Object’ seemed to be the apt word; lingering eyes, unwanted comments, wandering hands – for as long as she could remember it felt like her body and being belonged to somebody else. It wouldn’t happen until later in life, but thankfully objectification gave way to empowerment, to celebrating every bit of herself and reclaiming her sexuality as hers and hers only.


Infinite Wellness is the follow up to Scandi-dance duo Ultraflex’s debut LP Visions of Ultraflex. After picking up various accolades for their first album, they’ve continued to hone their sweet, dreamy sound which is a melting pots of synth-pop, R&B, disco and 70s Italian soundtracks with a distinct 80s feel to it. On Infinite Wellness these influences are at the fore; the hazy, sugary production characterised by the pair’s vocals and accompanied by a series of experimental videos.