Premiere: Prizefight – Altinak

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The Naarm/Melbourne producer releases a seven-tracker on Spinning Around.

A blanket of stars littered the sky, it was clearer tonight than ever before. For many darkness brought with it fear but for her it brought peace and relief; she could finally see and hear everything around her. From her window she watched the constellations twinkle and flicker above and was reminded of how small we mere humans really were down here on earth.


We’ve quickly come to realise how wide the pool of talented Melbourne producers is. Spinning Around, an independent label also based out of the city, is one of the platforms helping to spread word of this further across the pond. For their next release they welcome Prizefight, whose put out a handful of self-released EPs and tracks, lands with a seven-track release that explores driving, reflective trance and techno, backed by three remixes from other Naarm producers: Sam Alfred, Cybernet and STÜM.


Morning Light will be released on 28th October via Spinning Around.