Premiere: Pleasure Voyage – Sun & Clouds (Gallo’s Nueva Ventura Mix)

Written by Alasdair King

Delightful, dreamy melodies and textures on MM Discos.

The daylight was breaking, the rise of a new dawn. Soon the shadows and darkness of the night would be replaced by radiant blue and little white fluffy bubbles which danced across the sky.

The sun and clouds were a beautiful thing, it were as if they seemed to restore balance in an otherwise uncompromising and chaotic world. They watched down upon as all, hoping to ignite the warmth and glow of an individual below.

Today might just be the day…


Pleasure Voyage have been remixed by a collective array of producers on a new remix EP for MM Discos. Material from ‘Sun & Clouds’ has been reimagined by the likes of Sofa, Statues, The Vendetta Suite and Gallo.

It is the Gallo remix which we bring to you today, a track to lose yourself within its beautiful wandering melodies and dreamy sensibilities.

Listen below: