Premiere: Moving Still – My Bosa Is For You


The Dublin-based producer takes care of the fifth release on Palms Trax’s CWPT imprint.

From the back of the theatre stalls, she watched intensely, unable to tear her gaze away from the performance playing out on stage. The group of dancers moved so effortlessly, as if they were floating on air. Their limbs intertwined with one another creating beautiful shapes and figures upon the white backdrop; each silhouette as elegant as the next. She was totally beguiled by their movement, how their motion was so attuned – it felt like they were one entity, weightlessly flowing in unison.


Kalam Hub marks the fifth release on Palms Trax’s Cooking With Palms Trax (CWPT) label, a platform for his own music and like-minded contemporaries. Conceived by Dublin-based producer Moving Still, the six-track EP continues his sonic exploration of his Saudi Arabian and Irish heritage that we’ve previously heard on a stellar collection of 12″ edits and releases for Jive Hive and Nail Shop. A master of melody and rhythm, Moving Still marries traditional Middle Eastern melodies and tight, driving bass lines with a sprinkling of his varied influences from Italo and dub to breakbeat and electro.