Premiere: The Beat Escape – Ash Extracted From Ash


The Montreal-based band gear up for their second album, crafted on a simplified analog set up.

Once upon a time the town had been a buzzing centre for trade; a place that thrived and was a beacon for its community. But all life had gone now; it lay abandoned, forgotten by those who’d once called it home. Where its inhabitants had gone, nobody knew, it was as though they’d disappeared into thin air, and now the place stood still, captured in time – a relic of the past holding memories that would never be told again.


Shadows of Ecstasy is Montreal duo and Bella Union affiliates The Beat Escape’s second album. But the road to completing the long player wasn’t exactly a smooth one. The first iteration of the release, which was the result of thousands of hours of work, was lost to tech difficulties which forced the pair to start from scratch. They did so with a simplified analog set-up and these recordings are now seeing the light of day via Aurum Argentum Records. Their off-kilter synth pop cuts and rich soundscapes are paired with member Adam Ohr’s mystical lyricism, the first single of which ‘Ash Extracted From Ash’ is released today for your listening pleasure.