Premiere: Shubostar – Thunderer


Ombra International wrap up the year with one more friends and family VA compilation.

A steadfast beat pulsed from the speakers in each corner of the room, unrelenting in its energy and pace. You could barely make out the shapes of bodies amidst the smoke and the haze, only flickers of silhouettes would form when the strobes flashed. Tonight was a special night, it would be one of the last times they’d dance in this space; somewhere they’d frequented for many years; somewhere they called home. What would come next they didn’t know, but at least they’d always have the memories of the freedoms this dance floor had given them…



Ombra International bring friends together for one last hurrah to close out the year. Their VA releases have become a cornerstone of the label catalogue and have connected artists from across the world who are operating in similar sonic territory, namely threads of acid, wave, new beat, EBM and post-punk.

For this one, which also marks the label’s 24th release, they enlist the help of Tallin-based producer Sugar Rody, who makes his label debut; as does uju Records boss Shubostar with a new beat club cut; then we’re treated to a flip of an 80s classic from Unconscious that features Ombra boss Curses on Vox; before the record is closed out by the guitar and synths of Milan’s Astroloop and the psychedelic sounds of Chilean producer Aural Trace.