Premiere: Plus One – We Out Here

5 Minute Read

First Second Label is back with a new EP from Plus One.

There were sirens echoing in the streets, it was cold out on the corner. The darkness of the winter months was oppressive and at times overbearing but it did bring with it opportunity.

Every night they gathered beneath the glow of the streetlight, it was important to show a signal, a sign of life to those who watched on from above.

The cameras were everywhere, picking apart the very fragments of society with a dystopian lens and a pixelated vision.

They remained out there though, in the city, in the streets of a time not far from now.



Plus One digs deep for an earthy, heads down EP on First Second Label. This one is the perfect soundtrack for a lonely late night bus ride, the hazy fog of a city morning and the atmospheric hum of a concrete jungle.

Catch Plus One in Dublin at a special label showcase tomorrow.