Premiere: Headman – Not About

Not About2

The Relish Recordings boss shares the second single from his upcoming album.

They called them outsiders; people that lived on the fringes of society and had no interest in traditional ways of living. People had their own opinions of the ways in which they chose to live their lives, not that it phased them in any way, they saw those living “regular” lives as the ones losing out. They thought of them as slaves to the system, doing what others told them. In contrast they thought of themselves as renegades – they carved out their own norms, and lived free of control.


Robi Insinna, better known as Headman, has been slowly teasing out music that will appear on his upcoming album, penned for release on his own Relish Recordings. ‘Not About’ is the second single to be released – a track that was originally shared as an instrumental all the way back in 2015. This brand new iteration, under its new name, features reworked and additional vocals from Robi, and in true Headman style comes complete with a dub version that veers into Detroit techno. To round off the package, he’s invited Italian born producer Mario Resta, who moonlights as Exterminador, to create two special remixes.


Not About will be released on 25th November via Relish.