Premiere: Temple Rat – The Garden of Earthly Delights (Higher Intelligence Agency Mix)


Siamese Twins invite several producers to put their own spin on last year’s Kāthā cassette compilation.

Sleep was all she could think about; she couldn’t get enough of it, no matter how long she dozed or napped she never felt satisfied. Her bed was her sanctuary, her best friend and confidant, the only place she felt truly safe… It wouldn’t be unusual for her to spend an entire day there, wrapped up in the warmth of her duvet and in the safety of her dreams. To her, there was no place better…


Last summer Sunju Hargun’s Siamese Twins imprint shared their second pan-Asian compilation which gave a spotlight to artists who are exploring ambient and psychedelic terrain. The cassette release, titled Kāthā – a Khmer and Thai name for sacred mantras that are chanted to bring protection and charm – featured music from Khun Fluff, Nic Ford, Mogambo, Temple Rat and more. The label have brought on board a new roster of artists who offer up their own takes on the original material; there’s a rhythmic low end excursion from Konduku; a double offering from Jonathan Kusuma; and a modulated IDM trip from Higher Intelligence Agency.