Premiere: PBR Streetgang – Front Left Stack (Hardway Bros Cosmic Interpolation)

5 Minute Read

Moody cosmic experiments from Hardway Bros on remix duties.

The room was empty yet still the music bellowed loudly and echoed. Stood over by the front left stack he began to sway and move in time with the beat of the drum which throbbed and reverberated inside the large bass bins. Soon the room would begin to fill with people who listened and loved it all as much as he did, yet he was not here for them. The only person he came here for was himself, to feel the noise as it pulsed through the very core of what was left of him.

Some people would forget this night but not him. He remembered every single one, the empty rooms before and afterwards, the smiling faces and the songs which blared loud from the front left stack.


PBR Streetgang are remixed by Hardway Bros on a new EP for Kurtz, a groovy cosmic affair which leans heavily on the raw era of acid house which came before. This one is grounded in longstanding principles and lessons learnt on dancefloors over many years and you’d be wise to take heed and play it loud.


Grab it HERE.