Premiere: Bas Dobbelaer & Vand – Transit (Donato Dozzy Into Green Remix)

5 Minute Read

Donato Dozzy offers a masterful remix of Bas Dobbelar & Vand for Something Happening Somewhere.

Moving through the mountains, the car illuminated the dark road ahead, guiding them as they careered around corners and darted amidst the mist.

It was cold outside, they had been in transit for some time – nestled in their cabin whilst the glimmering white of the snow capped hills was reflected in the glow of the headlights.

The nights were long here in the thick of winter, he imagined it might all look very different in the summer when the snow had melted and the green had returned.

For now he was happy being lost in the murky white abyss beyond the windows.


Donato Dozzy remains one of the most intriguing and thought provoking producers and DJ’s out there – making him a perfect candidate for a remix of Bas Dobbelar & Vand. This one delivers in mood and tonality as you might expect – deep moving dance music underpinned by intelligent sound design and a key understanding of ambience and texture.

Listen below: