Premiere: Elroi – Recurring Dreams


Liquid Memory launch their brand new label with a Various Artists release from the founders.

Was he awake or asleep? It was hard to tell. Though objects seemed tangible, he felt as if he were floating above, detached from his body – simply a passenger in his own life. These instances had become more and more frequent, his inability to distinguish reality now consumed his every thought, maybe the two were never discernible in the first place… He’d been backed into a never-ending state of confusion – the question remained: had he lost his mind or his body?


Elroi and Ori Raz are the team behind a brand spanking new label on the scene, Liquid Memory Records. Operating out of Berlin, the vinyl-only imprint springs into life with a Various Artists release featuring music from the co-owners, both solo and together under the guise of Serenity Now. Each side harnesses a different energy: the A-side is a slab of pumping progressive house and acid-soaked breakbeats, while on the flip their joint efforts produce two blissed-out, twinkling dream house cuts to drift away to. Perfectly primed for late nights and early mornings, the record sets a precedent for what we can expect from the label and its co-founders in the future.