Premiere: Tagliabue – Progresso

Tagliabue – Ambiente Sonoro FRONT

The Italian producer gears up or the release of his debut mini-album on Elephant Gait Music.

The night sky was lit by the flames of the flickering candles that bordered the clearing — it was the only light for miles and miles. Here they were far away from everything, and where there were no signs of civilisation, there were no interruptions. Those lucky enough to be welcomed into this ritual were all here for one reason or another. But the overriding motivation was finding something beyond the realms of reality; an intangible and unspoken force that could lead them to a higher state of consciousness.


Tagliabue’s organic approach to production has yielded cosmic and trance-inducing releases for the likes of Lustpoderosa, Cosmica Music and Blue Sea, under this alias and his given name Joseph Tagliabue. Elephant Gait Music is the next home for his transcendental musings, this time coming in the form of his debut mini-album Ambiente Sonoro. Like his previous releases, the music is cerebral and enchanting, merging eerie chants, droning atmospheres and ritualistic sounds with 70s library music and IDM influences à la Daniela Casa, Egisto Macchi, Global Communication and Coil.


Ambiente Sonoro is out on 20th December on Elephant Gait Music.