Premiere: Antic – Punch Drunk


The newest release on Clash Lion comes with a remix from Gabe Gurnsey.

The last few days had passed in a blur; the places she’d visited, the people she’d spoken to — it was all a muddle of hazy excursions and exchanges. Why her memory was failing her she didn’t know, nothing had led her to this continuous daze she seemed unable to escape. It was as though she’d been walking around in a dream, unsure of what was reality and what was imagined. Could she break the cycle or would she be stuck in this purgatory forever?


Operating since 2017, Clash Lion has established itself as a platform for varying strains of techno, electro, indie dance and synth. Masterminded by producers TERR, Shall Ocin and Daniel Watts, it’s no wonder the A&R continue to impress, and this time it’s no different as they welcome Antic to the family. His Punch Drunk EP, which comes complete with a remix from Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey, works together elements of Indie Disco, electro and house, driven by vibrant synths and hypnotic vocals.


Punch Drunk will be released on 26th November via Clash Lion.