Premiere: Scratch Massive – Break Away (Manfredas Remix)

PACKSHOT Scratch Massive – Nuit de Reve 10th Anniversary Edition – bORDEL Records

The French duo celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their seminal LP with a new remix package.

As a youngster, disappearing into the background had always been a talent of his; he’d managed to perfect the art of invisibility. While others preferred to stand out from the crowd, he preferred to follow them instead, he had no qualms with being a sheep. This all changed later in life. His peers and their antiquated opinions began to grate on him, he could no longer remain mute. But wasting his breath on these so-called friends was pointless, he simply wanted to break away.


It’s been 10 years since French duo Scratch Massive released their seminal Nuit De Reve LP. Featuring guest vocals from the likes of Jimmy Somerville, Daniel Agust, Koudlam and Chloe, the release was an embodiment of Scratch Massive’s approach to new wave, electro and slo-mo house. Now, a decade on, the pair have drafted in several products to reimagine the original tracks, offering a new perspective on their cinematic sounds. Amongst those featured on the remix package are Innervisions Ame, Dark Entries affiliate Bézier, The Populists, Thomas Schumacher and Vilnius hero Manfredas, with the reworks stretching from progressive house to raw electro, cosmic disco and pacy techno.