Premiere: Slak – I See The Light

SAVY003 B-side 1

The third release on IDA’s Sävy Records.

Sometimes he felt like he was losing control, as though his grip on reality was slipping between his fingers. In these moments he preferred to shut himself off from the world, remain in darkness with his head buried under the covers. There was some solace in wallowing in these feelings, but it was only temporary: confiding in friends and others around him gave him strength and hope, they helped him to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


IDA’s Sävy Records returns with its third release from a new edition to its roster: Berlin-based Italian Slak. In typical Sävy fashion across the three original tracks Trilogy of Reasons tips the hat to the electronic sounds of the 90s. It’s vibrant and full of energy, cruising through anthemic breakbeats, driving acid grooves and atmospheric techno. On the flip, another Berlin-based artist, Adlas, offers up a reinterpretation of one of the tracks which rounds off the EP perfectly. 


Trilogy of Reasons is out now on Sävy Records. Until 15th March all proceeds from Bandcamp sales will be donated to Ukrainian Red Cross.